FlicWic I-Tal Hemp Wick Lighter Sleeve/Dispenser of 12' spool.
Introducing the FlicWic
Hemp Wick Dispenser
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Dispense, Ignite,
Control, Snuff
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Easily Replace 
Wick & Lighter
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FlicWic Highlights
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Why FlicWic?
  • The FlicWic is made of a high tech, super strong material that is 100% recyclable and heat and flame resistant.
  • No more burned thumbs!
  • No more juggling a lighter, a wick, and a pipe.
  • Conveniently and safely extinguishes the wick with no need to pinch, press, or lick the glowing ember.
  • Keeps your wick clean and fresh. Even on the go!
  • Light candles, barbecues, campfires.
  • Great for emergencies! One spool lit one time provides over one hour of constant flame. The wick even burns when wet!
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It’s love at first touch! The ergonomic design of the FlicWic blends beautifully with the hand and the silky smooth, ultra fine finish resists dirt and soot. Ideal for a puff and pass session or for a solo flight.
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The FlicWic is designed to securely hold a Mini-Bic® lighter (Not Included). The lighter can be easily replaced when spent, which will be far less often.
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The FlicWic securely carries a hand wound spool of the original I-tal Hemp Wick. When the spool is gone, simply replace it with a new, pre-wound refill. It's a snap!
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The guide tube allows you to control the flame intensity and put it precisely where you need it. When the mission is accomplished, you simply retract the wick into the tube to snuff the flame without a hassle or mess.
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The thumbwheel allows for convenient, smooth and easy control of the hemp wick. Dispense, light, control, and snuff all with one hand!
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FlicWic FAQ

Is this patented?

Yes. Utility Patent No. 9,187,237 has been assigned to Jack A. Pedotto, Jr., the owner and inventor of the FlicWic.

How much wick does the FlicWic hold?

The FlicWic is designed to hold a 12 foot spool of pre-wound I-Tal Hemp Wick.

Can you refill it?

Yes and yes! The FlicWic is designed so both the Mini-Bic Lighter and the pre-wound spool of I-Tal Hemp Wick are quickly and easily replaced when needed.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy it here and possibly in your local novelty shop. If you would like to help your local economy have your favorite store or dispensary give us a buzz and we will gladly ship dispensers wherever they are needed.

I live overseas can I still buy a FlicWic?

Yes, we ship all over the globe.

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