FlicWic Hemp Wick Lighter Dispenser Case w/ 12 ft Spool of Natural, Raw Hemp Wick (Green) for Mini-Bic


Got hemp wick?  Store it, dispense it, light it, control it, and safely snuff it with a flick of your thumb!  The patented easy roller action makes it happen.  No hassle.  No mess. 
  • Holds a 12' spool of pure, organic hemp wick (included), a $5.00 value if purchased separately.
  • The FlicWic is made of a high tech, super strong polycarbonate alloy.
  • Heat and flame resistant.
  • No more burned thumbs!
  • No more juggling a lighter, a wick, and a pipe.
  • Conveniently and safely extinguish your hemp wick with no need to pinch, press, or lick the glowing ember.
  • Keeps your hemp wick clean and fresh. Even on the go! No more pocket lint!
  • Light candles, barbecues, campfires. Great for emergencies!
  • One spool can provide over one hour of constant flame. Hemp wick even burns when wet!